What could you accomplish if you had a community rallying behind your business?


theHiveYQR connects Regina's business community:

meet with mentors and like-minded peers to learn, grow, and thrive. 



Regina is a city known for it's sense of community and entrepreneurial spirit. The increasing support for start-ups combined with its sense of community, makes it the best place to be for any level of entrepreneur to receive advice and for any business expert looking to share their knowledge or give back to Regina's local community. By leveraging this energy and community, theHiveYQR facilitates connections to help all entrepreneurs succeed. 

You can join the program at any time, at zero cost.

This program is powered by Economic Development ReginaFHQ Developments, and WESK.

1. Sign up for your account here. Fill out your profile and include as much detail as possible.
2. You'll be matched up with someone based on your goals and interests and have access to Regina's entreprenurial community.
3. Meet for coffee - connect in-person or online to share ideas, insights, and advice.
4. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Entrepreneurs, at any stage of business, and experts in the Regina area or a member of the 11 Nations that make up the FHQ Tribal Council, who are interested, ambitious, and eager to network and help grow their business, while helping others find success in their business.

If you're an established entrepreneur, business leader, or professional in your field, this is an opportunity to share your knowledge, hardwork, and expertise with the community and perhaps mentor some of the entrepreneurs who are seeking advice and guidance. With your broad network of contacts in hand, you can make a big difference in someone's life and future, not to mention have a positive impact on the economic side of the GRA.

We are welcoming anyone who meets one of these criteria:

  • you live in Regina and surrounding area
  • you own a business
  • you're thinking of starting a business
  • you're an expert within the GRA business community
  • you're interested in being mentored by an established entrepreneur
  • you're interested in mentoring an entrepreneur
  • you'd like to offer advice and expertise to entrepreneurs in the GRA
  • you're looking to grow and develop your network of business professionals


  1. Receive or offer personalized advice.
  2. Accountability.
  3. Community connections/networking.
  4. Champion your own growth and success.
  5. Learn or offer first-hand, real-world insight.
  6. A like-minded community that will be an excellent idea sounding board.
  7. Supporting reconciliation through business collaboration.


Still feeling a little bam-buzzled?

     Contact Sara Fong, PATH Community Manager at 306-522-5303 or