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Oil & Gas Supply Chain

Regina is located at the edge of the world-class Bakken Oil Formation, adjacent to the Shaunavon and Viking oil plays. Saskatchewan produces 512,000 barrels of oil a day, and much of it comes from southern Saskatchewan and the Bakken field. 

Quick Facts

  • 2,881 employed in the oil and gas industry and services
  • $2.3 billion in sales
  • $630 billion in GDP
  • 4.1% GDP

*All stats are from 2020, unless otherwise stated. 

Let's Work Together

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Regina has specialized firms servicing the upstream, midstream and downstream industries providing:

  • Contracting, pipeline and oilfield construction
  • Custom machine and fabrication work
  • Welding and plating services, and specialized pump jackservice & parts
  • Tubing, structural steel, sheet, plate and coil
  • Custom fiberglass manufacturing and service
  • Industrial transmissions, gearboxes
  • Oilwell exploration products
  • Technologies to clean up soil, air and groundwater contaminations
  • Steel tank products
  • Industrial pumps
  • Scrubbers & separators
  • Laboratory analysis/testing and research
  • Spill trays and containment Berms
  • Communication and freight
  • Multi trade contractors
  • Environmental and petroleum engineering services
  • Applied research & specialized training
  • Environmental assessment, remediation & reclamation services
  • Community relations and corporate social responsibility expertise