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Mining Supply Chain

Saskatchewan is the most attractive area for mining investors in the world, according to the Fraser Institute.

And Regina is eager to attract business. There is no corporate capital tax on new capital investments, and a 2 per cent small business tax rate. There are no payroll taxes or health insurance premiums. The corporate income tax rate is a favourable 11.5 per cent generally, and as low as 9.5 per cent for manufacturing.

Quick Facts

  • 20+ mine sites within a five-hour drive
  • 11 potash mines in Saskatchewan, (9 underground 2 solution mines) 
  • 3,555 employed in the local mining industry and services
  • $1.21 billion in sales
  • $1.09 billion in GDP
  • 7.1% GDP

*All stats are from 2020, unless otherwise stated. 

Let's Work Together

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Major mine service & supply capacity Includes:

  • Continuously-running machinery & underground mining equipment
  • Shaft sinking and boring services
  • Mineral exploration drilling, core drilling & water well drilling
  • Custom machining and fabricating and maintenance of mining parts
  • Commercial, industrial, infrastructure, earthworks & underground, and masonry construction services
  • Geotechnical, geo-environmental, geological and hydrogeological consulting from exploration to mine closure
  • Consulting engineering services in all phases of the mine cycle
  • Multi trade contractors
  • Analytical testing services
  • Supplies related to safety, health, and fire protection
  • GIS and mapping & electric instrumentation & controls
  • Applied research & specialized training
  • Environmental assessment, remediation & reclamation services
  • Community relations and corporate social responsibility expertise