Murad Al-Katib, AGT Food and Ingredients


If you want to be a leader in agriculture, you need to be here. You have direct access to producers and markets. And if they aren’t already here, they come here for one of the two biggest agriculture shows in the world — Canadian Western Agribition, and Canada's Farm Progress Show. 

This means that in Regina you have local access to expertise that is unmatched in Western Canada.

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Quick Facts

  • $970 million in sales (2015)
  • $297.9 million in GDP
  • 2300+ employees 

*All stats are from 2016, unless otherwise stated.

Let's Work Together

Reach out to our Agri-value sector expert, Evelyn Cerda.

The city’s agri-value sector impacts people around the world and offers:

  • A prime agri-value location with high-quality crops and livestock herds
  • A clean environment with a variety of raw materials at competitive costs, including a low cost of doing business
  • Access to a hard-working, skilled, educated and productive workforce
  • Intermodal, expert infrastructure
  • Expanding food and ingredients industry offers flour and bakery mixes; peas, lentils and chickpeas; beef, pork and chicken; jams, jellies and other preserves; as well as certified organic meats and cereals (flax, oats, barley and wheat).
  • Crop science expertise
  • Strong provincial support to assist in lean manufacturing, value-added processing, and research and development
  • Host to the most important Western Canadian agriculture shows:
    • Canadian Western Agribition
    • Canada’s Farm Progress Show