A million-dollar rain? Make it $1 billion


June 20, 2024
For Immediate Release

(REGINA) For generations, Saskatchewan farmers have used the phrase “million-dollar rain” to describe the impact of a good soak – like the one much of Saskatchewan experienced through the month of June. It turns out their number is a bit low.  

According to modeling by Economic Development Regina (EDR) and Crop Intelligence, an inch (25mm) of rain can have a massive impact on the yield potential of Saskatchewan farms. In fact, for cropland in the southern 1/3 of Saskatchewan (approximately from Saskatoon south), EDR has calculated a $1 billion boost in yield potential.  

“For many of us, understanding the true importance of the ag sector can be a bit abstract,” said EDR President & CEO Chris Lane. “This is one impact we can actually quantify. 

“An inch of the right kind of rain, coming at the right time, delivers $1 billion in increased yield potential to southern Saskatchewan farmers. That’s something we can all get our head around.”

Producers agree. 

“While there are dozens of factors that ultimately determine a successful year, getting the right moisture at the right time remains one of the most important,” said Hebert Group CEO and Moosomin area producer Kristjan Hebert. “While nothing counts until the crop is in the bin, the boost in soil moisture we’ve seen this spring puts crops in a strong position heading into the summer.” 

Crop Intelligence is an app that interprets weather station data by using crop available moisture, accumulated rainfall, and expected precipitation to model yield potential throughout the growing season, allowing farmers to make real time agronomic decisions with confidence to optimize their return from their crop. 

Based on Crop Intelligence’s model, 25mm of rain in the Regina area provides an additional: 

  • 13% on cereal yields 
  • 12% on canola yields 
  • 12% on pulse yields 

Fueled by a strong and diverse ag sector, Regina’s economy boasts critical expertise in agribusiness, manufacturing, value-added processing, energy and renewables, trade, finance, and more. 

For more information, contact:  

Chris Bonk
Director, Brand and Communications
Economic Development Regina Inc.

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