Riding the Recovery Wave

As mentioned in the last Economic Report Card blog, the COVID-19 recession has caused a recession unlike any we’ve seen before. We are now seeing the true effects on the regional economy and our ability to bounce back, though that recovery remains largely inconsistent among sectors of the economy. The wave of unemployment has certainly been felt in the GRA. As of January, Regina has lost… Read More

Regina AgTech Firm Solves Age-Old Problem

By Bruce Johnstone For Economic Development Regina   Like many companies in the agtech sector, IntraGrain Technologies Inc. was born of the need to find a solution to an age-old problem, in this case, crop spoilage due to excessive heat and moisture while in storage. The problem of spoilage is a multi-million-dollar headache for farmers. “In Canada, it’s estimated that around five… Read More

Agtech Firms Growing Quickly in Regina’s Fertile Soil

By Bruce Johnstone For Economic Development Regina REGINA – Farming may be the world’s oldest profession, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t keeping up with the times. In fact, agricultural production in Saskatchewan has increased more or less steadily over the past 120 years, despite the number of farmers peaking in 1936 at 573,894 and falling by 210,000 over the next 20… Read More

Regina-Grown Technology Delivers Efficiency, Sustainability

By Bruce Johnstone For Economic Development Regina Some say necessity is the mother of invention. Others say inventions are sometimes just “happy accidents.” Daniel McCann, CEO and founder of, a Regina-based agtech company, is definitely in the latter camp. “The company actually started a bit by mistake,’’ McCann said with a chuckle in a recent interview.… Read More

Water project key to building global food processing industry

By Bruce Johnstone For Economic Development Regina There’s no question that water is a critical component to developing a global food production and processing industry on the Prairies. In 1967, Saskatchewan took a major step forward in water security with the completion of the first phase of the South Saskatchewan River Project (SSRP) – Gardiner Dam and the province’s largest… Read More