Economic Development 101: Introduction

Introduction to Economic Development 101 By Bruce Johnstone What is economic development? Why do we need economic development agencies to foster growth in our population and economy? Why do we need to grow our economy and population in the first place? These are questions that citizens and taxpayers may ask themselves from time to time. Some may question the need for economic development agencies… Read More

Canada’s Largest Interconnected Event Complex

Regina’s Evraz Place has proven itself as a premier destination for events and conventions worldwide. Covering more than 100 acres, Evraz Place is the largest interconnected event complex of it's kind in Canada, an accolade which has shined through in the caliber of events it has hosted in recent years. Part of The Family Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) operates Evraz Place… Read More

Convenience Meets Culture

In recent years Regina’s downtown core has experienced a full-scale renaissance. New local businesses seem to open every week, adding new energy to a neighbourhood already alive with activity. Downtown Regina boasts diverse offerings for visitors and residents alike. A variety of bars and restaurants call downtown home, with many taking an active role in events like Restaurant Week, which… Read More

A Convention Destination

Hosting a convention in Saskatchewan was an easy decision for the Canadian Special Crops Association (CSCA).  The CSCA hosted the 2018 Pulse & Special Crops Convention (PSCC 2018) at the Delta Hotel in Regina summer 2018, which brought 420 people from 25 countries - the largest event of its kind in North America. Saskatchewan is known worldwide as a reputable supplier of high-quality… Read More

Expertly Embracing Events

2018 was truly a test of Regina’s ability to host major events, and one the city passed with flying colours. All the moving pieces required to make events like the Tim Hortons Brier or CP Women’s Open a success, from venues to hotel and restaurant accommodations, seemed to work together in harmony. However, Regina’s most valuable asset for ensuring the success of these events… Read More