Issue 33

Younger and Growing What a year for the Greater Regina Area! In 2018 with our CMA population over 250,000 and growing, we became among the fastest growing cities in Canada, and also one of the four youngest cities in Canada. Those numbers are predictive of an exciting future of continued growth and youthful energy. It was an unprecedented year for inviting the world to our door, as we hosted the… Read More

Issue 32

Partnerships are Cornerstones to Success Partnership and collaboration are the cornerstones upon which the work of Economic Development Regina is built. Virtually everything we do to help the local economy grow is based on working with other people and organizations. We have very strong and deep relationships with a number of groups and companies, through which we share resources and jointly… Read More

Issue 31

  Regina's Tech Future I recently had the good fortune to take part in a webinar offered by the International Economic Development Council, which is the umbrella organization for agencies like EDR across North America. They gathered a number of experts in the field of economic development to look at the issues and opportunities that we are likely to encounter over the next 25 years… Read More

Issue 29

Understanding Economic Development “What the heck is economic development – and why should I care?”  I believe that people in our community sometimes ask themselves those questions when they look at the work of EDR and our partners. Some days even I ask myself those questions! In short, we see economic development as the path to a high quality of life for everyone in the GRA… Read More

Issue 28

Innovative Space, New Location These are exciting days for the team at EDR, WESK and the Regina Hotel Association. Our offices have been co-sited for a number of years, underlining our strong working relationships and collaboration to grow the GRA economy.  On July 15 all three organizations will move to Path Cowork, a new and innovative work space on the second floor of the building attached… Read More