Issue 35

‘Tech’ is the Word Technology has invaded everything.  Everywhere I look and everyone I talk to, ‘tech’ is the word.  We must be conscious of the rapid pace of innovation in all areas of business and industry – we must ask ourselves how we are doing at bringing innovative and technological solutions to the table and enhancing our ability to do so. That is… Read More

Issue 34

A new year brings new opportunities. At EDR we believe in developing and sticking with long-term strategies. We are just about to begin the consultation and research process that will lead to a new five-year strategic plan for our organization. I am pleased that we were committed and invested in in our current strategic plan, and it is good to see the results created. But nothing is as constant as… Read More

Issue 33

Younger and Growing What a year for the Greater Regina Area! In 2018 with our CMA population over 250,000 and growing, we became among the fastest growing cities in Canada, and also one of the four youngest cities in Canada. Those numbers are predictive of an exciting future of continued growth and youthful energy. It was an unprecedented year for inviting the world to our door, as we hosted the… Read More

Issue 32

Partnerships are Cornerstones to Success Partnership and collaboration are the cornerstones upon which the work of Economic Development Regina is built. Virtually everything we do to help the local economy grow is based on working with other people and organizations. We have very strong and deep relationships with a number of groups and companies, through which we share resources and jointly… Read More

Issue 31

  Regina's Tech Future I recently had the good fortune to take part in a webinar offered by the International Economic Development Council, which is the umbrella organization for agencies like EDR across North America. They gathered a number of experts in the field of economic development to look at the issues and opportunities that we are likely to encounter over the next 25 years… Read More