Issue 37

Keep Pushing One day, a teacher wrote the following on the blackboard (notice that I just aged myself): 9 X 1 = 79 X 2 = 189 X 3 = 279 X 4 = 369 X 5 = 459 X 6 = 549 X 7 = 639 X 8 = 729 X 9 = 819 X 10 = 90 When she was finished, she looked to the students who were all laughing because she had gotten the first equation wrong. Then the teacher said, "I wrote the first one wrong on purpose,… Read More

RELO Podcast Episode 4: Now, Then, and in the Future

Hello and welcome to the RELO podcast, Economic Development Regina’s quarterly review of Regina’s business community and economic position. I’m your host Conrad Hewitt. If you ask anyone in Regina, they’ll tell you this city has transformed itself over the last decade. In a lot of ways from an outside perspective it’s almost unrecognizable, and like a lot of things… Read More

Growing an Economy of Reconciliation

Substantial steps are being made to harness the power of Canada’s Indigenous population within the economy, right here in Regina. Recently, a partnership between the University of Regina and Indigenous Works (a not-for-profit organization which seeks to identify economic and employment opportunities for the Indigenous workforce) received funding from the federal government for a number of… Read More

Issue 36

Staying Motivated with Audacious Community It is not difficult to stay motivated when you have the chance to be part of something as exciting as our second Audacity event, celebrating entrepreneurs in the GRA. I was able to do that last week and seeing some 200 people come together with such a spirit of enthusiasm and belief in the future of our community was as uplifting as the arrival of spring.… Read More

Economic Development 101: You can’t do it by yourself

Economic Development 101: You can’t do it by yourself This is the third in a series of articles about the fundamental principles behind the work of economic development in the Greater Regina Area. By Bruce Johnstone It takes two to tango, as they say, and economic development is no exception to the rule. “No one individual or organization is responsible for economic development,”… Read More