Five Audacious Quotes from Collision Conference 2019

Recently our own Ly Pham had the chance to attend the Collision Conference, North America’s fastest-growing tech conference. For the first time in the conference’s history Collision was held in Toronto, bringing together some of the best and brightest minds in industries ranging from technology, to marketing, to music and beyond. Marking another first this year, two Regina-based… Read More

All Trade is Local

The Greater Regina Area (GRA)’s rise to prominence as a leader in the agri-value sector has benefited from a parallel rise in the quality and accessibility of global trade infrastructure within the region. With Saskatchewan product in high demand around the world, both the public and private sector have stepped up to make the GRA an ideal location to source, process, produce, and export.… Read More

Vision and Bold Leadership Continues with Changes to EDR Board of Directors

(Regina) Economic Development Regina’s Board of Directors has elected a new chairperson and welcomed four new members to the board. With the annual changes to the board of directors, visionary bold leadership will continue. The new Chair of the board is Frank Hart, who has served on the EDR board as a member and Vice-Chair, and previously as part of the Regina Regional Opportunities… Read More

Issue 38

From Humble Beginnings to International Operations In this edition we get a chance to see the arc of growth and development that begins with audacious entrepreneurs (Prairie Robotics) and continues into the story of amazing companies that have humble local roots and transition into international operations (iQmetrix). Those are two Regina companies that remind us that starting and growing… Read More

Economic Development 101: The big one that didn’t get away

Economic Development 101: The big one that didn’t get away By Bruce Johnstone It’s not every day that an economic development agency gets to play a key role in bringing an industry to its region that could generate more than $10 billion in economic activity and more than 4,500 jobs in 10 years. But that’s exactly what happened when Protein Industries Canada was announced as one… Read More