Agtech Accelerator: Smartbell

Livestock health is front of mind for Smartbell—a health monitoring and management system. Smartbell is part of a cohort of 14 agtech companies looking to advance in the sector through an Agtech Accelerator located here in Regina. CEO, Veena Adityan, said she was formerly employed at Amazon, but wanted to tackle something different and saw an opportunity in agriculture. “I wanted to… Read More

Agtech Accelerator: Crop Intellect

A small UK-based agtech company is working hard to tackle air pollution and increase crop yields simultaneously thanks to plant chemistry. Crop Intellect said its technology, R-Leaf®, captures air pollution and turns it into nitrate. “We try and make plants work harder with using less resources,” said founder Dr. Apostolos Papadopoulos. “Agriculture has been a major… Read More

Agtech Accelerator: FarmSimple

For livestock producers, the task of checking your animals’ water bowl is one they know all too well, including Katlin Lang, co-founder of FarmSimple Solutions and livestock producer himself. “In the summer, for example livestock producers are running their cattle in remote pastures that are typically multiple kilometres away from their home territory, so an average customer may have… Read More

Bring It Home Saskatchewan

IT’S TIME TO BRING IT HOME, SASKATCHEWAN!! With the 2023 IIHF World Juniors Bid in the hands of Hockey Canada, we are calling on all corporations and individuals to join us in launching a province-wide “Bring it Home SK” campaign. Within the next two weeks, Hockey Canada will announce which province and cities will be hosts of the Championships and we want them to… Read More

Agtech Accelerator: Ukko Agro

Colliding plant science and data science together is the name of the game for agtech company Ukko Agro – one of 16 companies to take part in the Agtech Accelerator. Ukko Agro, put simply, offers crop growth and disease models for farm and retail clients. It aims to make farming more profitable and sustainable with the vision to link every action on the farm to its economic outcome, enabling… Read More