June 12, 2020 

(Regina) With an eventful but productive year under their belts, Economic Development Regina’s Board of Directors has given a much-deserved vote of confidence to its leadership, re-electing Frank Hart as Chair and Tina Svedahl as Vice Chair.  

Svedahl also retains the role of Chair of Governance and Human Resources, while Mark Lang has been appointed Chair of Audit and Finance.  

“I’m once again humbled by the confidence the Board has shown in me, and I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done in the past year.” Hart said. “Our Board, and all of EDR, provided a quick, meaningful response to the COVID-19 crisis, and because of that we were able to help businesses and individuals throughout the Greater Regina Area survive this extremely difficult time. 

“Moreover, the direction set out in EDR’s Growth Plan provides a roadmap to recovery and prosperity for the GRA long after the pandemic passes.”  

Other returning members include Murad Al-Katib, Eric Dillon, Jason Drummond, His Worship Mayor Michael Fougere, Eleah Gallagher, Dr. Gina Grandy, Mark Lang, Rachel Mielke and Ryan Urzada. 

Retiring from the Board after serving with distinction are David Brundige and Bradyn Parisian. EDR thanks them for their commitment to the community, and the City’s continued economic growth. The Board’s Governance and HR Committee is currently working to bring replacement candidates forward for ratification by City Council.   

“In times like this, having insightful, stable direction is critically important. EDR is dedicated and passionate about Regina, and it’s an honor to work with so many community members who feel just as passionately about our city as we do. We’re excited about the opportunities coming around the corner for Regina.” said John Lee, President & CEO of Economic Development Regina.  



About Economic Development Regina Inc. 

Economic Development Regina Inc. (EDR) is the lead agency for economic development and tourism marketing for the Greater Regina Area. We are a not-for-profit public-private partnership and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with the City of Regina as its sole shareholder.  

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