2018 was a banner year for Regina in a variety of areas. Wherever you went, the city seemed to swell with pride and excitement. The community rallied together to support local business, major events, and emerging industries. He population continued to grow and change. Regina came into its own in and took it’s place as a truly global city. To put it simply, big things happened.

Perhaps the first and most exciting of those big things, was the supercluster investment from the federal government in Protein Industries Canada or PIC. To anyone not intimately familiar with plant protein industry, this may have seemed like another innocuous dolling out of government funds, but in reality, and without exaggeration, PIC has the potential to reshape the way we think of food. As the global population continues to grow, the demand for sustainable and accessible food has grown with it, and PIC is using the more than $150M federal investment to develop new ways to address that demand with pulse and plant-based protein, and feed the world from right here in Regina.

It seemed fitting that on the wake of the PIC investment, Regina hosted the 2018 Pulse and Special Crops Convention, welcoming producers and crop scientists from across the country. This was one of many major events held in Regina in 2018. The city would go on to host the Tim Hortons Brier, the 100th Memorial Cup, and the Congress for Social Sciences and Humanities. Regina isn’t just capable of hosting all of these events, we're excelling at it.

Regina’s welcoming nature is actually changing the makeup of the city as more and more newcomers to Canada choose Regina as their new home. Last year, for the second year in a row, Regina led the country in international migration growth.

 As Regina’s population becomes more diverse, it’s also becoming much younger. This year Stats Canada announced that Regina is among the youngest cities in Canada.

Thid youthful energy has fueled a room of entrepreneurship in Regina and the resulting Audacity YQR movement which took hold in Regina in 2018. The goal of the movement is to celebrate entrepreneurial success stories in the community and show Regina residents and the world that Regina is a hub of entrepreneurial activity. 

Companies like Rebellion Brewing in Regina embody the loud, proud celebration the Audacity movement encourages. The brewing industry in the Greater Regina Area has exploded in recent years and it shows no signs of slowing down. A study at the beginning of 2018 projected that the industry would see 30% growth in sales throughout the year, and brewers in Regina are on track to deliver.

With another successful year in the books, Regina has set its sight on new lofty goals. A plan to be a renewable energy leader by 2050, a bid to host the Grey Cup in 2020, a target population of 300,000 by 2040, all par for the course for a city ready to take its place on the world stage.

Thank you for listening to the RELO podcast. Tune in next episode where we’ll be comparing the Regina of the present to the Regina of the past.