In November 2020, Raven Industries Inc., announced it was opening a major manufacturing facility and its Canadian headquarters at Emerald Park.

A year earlier, Raven acquired DOT Technology Corp., the Regina-based developer of the DOT Power Platform – a U-shaped, diesel-powered unit that attaches to a seeder, sprayer, roller or other piece of farm equipment.  It runs remotely or semi-autonomously through a computer program assisted by GPS.

At the time, there were no guarantees that Raven would continue to develop DOT – and other autonomous technology in the GRA. EDR’s task was to make sure key decision-makers at DOT saw exactly what Regina had to offer, and to make the process of establishing a presence here a little simpler.

The effort was a remarkable success. Raven has become a major part of Regina’s vision to be a regional hub for agtech companies – a vision they clearly believe in. To that end, Raven has announced its participation in EDR’s Investment Partnership Program, which supports EDR initiatives to grow the Regina’s economy.

 “We’re going to expand across Canada. But we’re so excited to be in Regina. It’s a great community, there’s a lot of good talent there. It’s a city we can attract talent to. We’re happy to be part of EDR and part of the community.’’ -  Brian Meyer, vice-president, Raven Applied Technology


EDR’s Role

Investment Attraction EDR works closely with companies exploring Regina as a possible location. This work requires 2-3 full-time staff to maintain relationships, help companies navigate through the options/requirements for locating in the region. Several “prospects” are in the funnel at any given moment.

At the same time, we work with all levels of government to identify and address infrastructure/regulatory needs. Far more than financial incentives, it’s these relationships that yield success.

Entrepreneurship & Strategic Initiatives Director Ly Pham was integral to Raven's investment decision


Total EDR Investment

  • Approximately 250 hours of employee time



  • Up to 50 high quality, high-paying jobs for local residents, who then inject millions of dollars into Regina’s economy through: Home, car and other major purchases, insurance, groceries, leisure activities and other everyday goods

  • Tax revenues to all levels of government, which contribute to improved services for all citizens

  • Raven invested $75,000 as part of EDR’s Investment Partnership Program

  • Regina received xxx,xxx reach in the media, placing Regina on the map internationally and supporting the strategy to position Regina as a global agriculture and food hub