Regina executives were asked to imagine an audacious vision for Regina in the next 30 years. Community leaders envisioned a socially inclusive, economically diverse, environmentally sustainable, and entrepreneurial city. This is according to the latest edition of the Regina Executive Leadership Outlook (RELO) released by Economic Development Regina Inc. (EDR) in partnership with Praxis Consulting.

“The findings of this publication indicate that the future of Regina’s economy is going to be driven by entrepreneurs with an audacious spirit”, said EDR President & CEO John Lee. “entrepreneurs, both small and large, are a vital part of our regional economy. Regina executives see our youngest, bright and best – our entrepreneurs, leading community building and innovation into the future”.

Entrepreneurialism was a strong theme within the report. One third (36.36%) of respondents indicated entrepreneurs will be the leaders of environmental sustainability and green energy production. This will be due to entrepreneurialism opportunities and the increased affordability of renewable energy sources.

“Success follows those who live with the dogged determination to do something bold. Fabulous things are achieved when we build and support a diverse community. That’s what we do in Saskatchewan,” said Pam Klein, President of The Phoenix Group. 

Inclusion within the labour-market was also envisioned within the Greater Regina Area. Socially, respondents envision a future of meaningful reconciliation and Indigenous representation in all aspects of the community. For skills requirements within the labour market, most survey respondents (63.3%) believe that by 2050, information technology skills will be highest in demand, followed by professional services. It is also believed that technology will have a high impact on low-skill positions due to the automation of labour.

To achieve this vision for Regina by 2050, survey respondents indicated a shared vision of economic success among the GRA was needed. Valerie Sluth, Owner and CEO of Praxis Consulting stated, “not only did GRA leaders indicate the need for a shared vision, but we received overwhelming support from these leaders to be brave and bold in the development of that vision.”  This support is particularly interesting during this quarter where the Confidence Index dipped slightly.  “Our GRA leaders are still willing to fuel a courageous culture, despite a dip in economic conditions,” said Sluth. 

Other important principles noted were economic diversity, a champion (or group of champions) of economic growth needed within the city, and a strong competitive position for growth.

RELO is a quarterly publication aimed at capturing the thought leadership of senior business leaders in the Greater Regina Area (GRA) on key issues facing the GRA. A summary of the Regina Executive Leadership Outlook is available at:


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