I'm sure we all have "to-do" lists on our desks from big to the small items that make our work interesting. EDR's list in 2019 was a long one, and I'm proud to say we accomplished much, though not all of it. It is humbling to see the confidence that our community places in this agency, and we are thankful for the outreach we receive to partner and collaborate with great companies, organizations, and levels of government on important projects. Even after being selective and getting very focused on key areas, there is still much "to do". I want to thank our entire team for their hard work, and to our partners and allies in the community for lending their voices and energy to our mission in 2019. 

Now, as you plan your holidays with friends and family, when it comes to peace, happiness, and relaxation, remember to Celebrate BIG!




Doing Well by Doing Good

Avana Enterprises recently led the creation of the Help Us Help Her Committee, which hosted a holiday party for 396 women and children in partnership with the YWCA. The event was organized entirely by a range of volunteers and sponsors in under two months, and provided everything from gifts, to family photos, nail-painting stations and a traditional plated dinner. It also raised over $30,000 for Avana’s Social Housing Fund, which is playing a major role in providing access to affordable housing for women and children in vulnerable situations. This was the first year of the event and is an amazing example of a for-profit company making a genuine and sustainable social impact in the community.

Bold Thinking Diversifies our Economy

This is a great story that brings together First Nations investment, innovation, and world-class technology in one Regina company. These folks are truly Thinking BIG!

Check out the story here.



30 seconds on... The New Atlas Hotel


An iconic Regina hotel gets a new name and mission.

Check out the interview here.


Great Year for Agribition

Congratulations to Canadian Western Agribition CEO Chris Lane and his team on a fabulous year for the iconic show. Here’s a snapshot of their attendance results:

Overall attendance: 121,326
International visitors: 1337
International buyers: 231
Education programs: 10,000 (est.)
Ticketed events: 24,000+

Regina Tech Entrepreneur Steps Up

Congratulations to Kai Hutchence, a member of EDR’s Tech Working Group, and his company Massive Gaming Corporation. He is personally investing in the future of the game development industry in Regina. Kai says: “We are proud to announce our brand-new grant program for aspiring game developers – the Massive Sacks of Cash Grant. This grant is designed to do exactly what aspiring game developers need – whatever that is. We're going to choose one applicant that we're going to give $500 a month to. They use that money however they want or need. For one year we're there to help make things happen. Regina and Saskatchewan may not have much of a game industry now, but if we don't invest in developing talent, we're never going to grow.”

Check out more info here.

Tons of Family Fun in Regina This Holiday Season

The folks at Tourism Regina have the fun holiday ideas covered this year. Check out all the places to help you #SeeYQR this holiday season, here.