RELO Podcast - Episode 3: Looking Back at 2018

2018 was a banner year for Regina in a variety of areas. Wherever you went, the city seemed to swell with pride and excitement. The community rallied together to support local business, major events, and emerging industries. He population continued to grow and change. Regina came into its own in and took it’s place as a truly global city. To put it simply, big things happened. Perhaps the… Read More

Issue 33

Younger and Growing What a year for the Greater Regina Area! In 2018 with our CMA population over 250,000 and growing, we became among the fastest growing cities in Canada, and also one of the four youngest cities in Canada. Those numbers are predictive of an exciting future of continued growth and youthful energy. It was an unprecedented year for inviting the world to our door, as we hosted the… Read More

Agribition Supercharges Agribusiness

The Canadian Western Agribition is a staple of Regina’s identity. Every year, thousands of people travel to Regina to experience Canada’s largest cattle show. Agribition plays two distinct rolls, each of which is an integral part of the Greater Regina Area economy. On one hand, the show brings attendees from across Canada and the world, to experience all that Regina has to offer and is… Read More

A Young and Diverse Population

There is a youthful optimism in Regina that has been building for the last few years. The secret behind this new audacious spirit is really no secret at all, Regina has indeed become a significantly younger city. In 2018 Stats Canada ranked Regina as the fourth youngest city in Canada, with Saskatchewan weighing in as the second youngest province overall. This demographic shift has fed a veritable… Read More

Issue 32

Partnerships are Cornerstones to Success Partnership and collaboration are the cornerstones upon which the work of Economic Development Regina is built. Virtually everything we do to help the local economy grow is based on working with other people and organizations. We have very strong and deep relationships with a number of groups and companies, through which we share resources and jointly… Read More