Issue 30

Thinking About the Future It has been a pleasure to explore the findings of the fall edition of the Regina Executive Leadership Outlook, prepared with our partners at Praxis Consulting. Each quarter we survey around 50 of Regina’s top executive leaders and while we ask a series of benchmark questions, we also dive into a specific topic. In this survey we asked our leaders to tell us their… Read More

Local Executives Envision Regina in 2050

Regina executives were asked to imagine an audacious vision for Regina in the next 30 years. Community leaders envisioned a socially inclusive, economically diverse, environmentally sustainable, and entrepreneurial city. This is according to the latest edition of the Regina Executive Leadership Outlook (RELO) released by Economic Development Regina Inc. (EDR) in partnership with Praxis Consulting.… Read More

Issue 29

Understanding Economic Development “What the heck is economic development – and why should I care?”  I believe that people in our community sometimes ask themselves those questions when they look at the work of EDR and our partners. Some days even I ask myself those questions! In short, we see economic development as the path to a high quality of life for everyone in the GRA… Read More

Embracing Technology for a Smarter City

Harnessing the dual power of technology and partnerships, Regina is well on its way to becoming a smarter city. The recent Smart Cities challenge initiated by the federal government has kickstarted a wave of excitement around designing Regina for the future in ways that almost seem like science fiction. From mass ridesharing to autonomous vehicles, the vision for Regina’s future is one of… Read More

Special Foods Convention Pulses with Opportunity

It’s no secret that in recent years pulse crops have become the ace up southern Saskatchewan’s sleeve. Pulses, which include lentils, chickpeas, dried peas and beans, offer a myriad of benefits for Saskatchewan farmers. They are resilient, environmentally sustainable, and can be grown in rotation with grains and oilseeds to disrupt disease and insect cycles. However, perhaps the… Read More