Issue 23

A Year of Growth Well - we made it!  2017 is almost in the books. It’s been a great year of learning, growth, and accomplishment for our community. As we approach the season of celebration and mark the turning of the year, it is natural to turn our thoughts to those who mean the most to us. In my case, like you, it starts with my family who makes everything I work for matter, when I… Read More

Executive Confidence in Regina’s Economy Remains Strong

REGINA – The fourth quarter of 2017 saw the second highest Executive Confidence Index scores since the inception of the Regina Economic Leadership Outlook (RELO) in 2016. Although the index decreased slightly from last quarter (from 2.55 to 2.36), confidence remains high and has risen 15 points overall since the first quarter of the year. This edition of RELO focuses on the major economic… Read More

Regina’s Entrepreneurial Community gets a Better Financial Path

(Regina) Economic Development Regina, Inc. (EDR) and Saskatchewan Capital Network (SCN), signed a partnership agreement today intended to increase SCN’s presence and impact in the Greater Regina Area. Saskatchewan Capital Network is a member-based network of Saskatchewan accredited investors, who are interested in private investment opportunities within start-up and growth-focused companies.… Read More

Issue 22

Regina's Diverse Story I feel very fortunate to have the role I do at EDR.  Where else would I be able to meet with experienced Toronto investors, who put hundreds of millions of dollars into Saskatchewan commercial properties, and small but growing local start-up tech companies, in the same week? My experience is just a reflection of the great diversity in our economy, which is home to… Read More

Regina's SeedMaster farming the future with new DOT technology

Story pulled from Regina Leader-Post DOT looks like something out of a science fiction movie, a sleek silvery robot rolling through a snowy field east of Regina on Thursday. But, hooked to a bright yellow SeedMaster seeder, it’s the farm equipment of the near future. In 2014, when SeedMaster president Norbert Beaujot dreamed up the autonomous power platform, DOT Technology Corp. was… Read More