Manufacturing a Major Municipality

Regina is a city that knows how to make things. Local manufacturers are modern industrial alchemists, making something from nothing. In addition to creating the component pieces for the mechanical miracles that drive a wide range of industries, manufacturers also create jobs, wealth, and a springboard for scalable economic growth. Leading the Nation 2017 represented a record year for the… Read More

Investing in Innovation

With the Regina community thriving in the Oil and Gas Supply Chain Sector—Brad Forster, Vice President and General Manager of EVRAZ Steel, sees opportunity to get involved. “There are so many contacts in Regina for the oil and gas sector, and it's such a young and bustling community that, for somebody to get involved at this level, it's only going to get richer and… Read More

Metal Innovation Creates Prosperity for Pasqua First Nation

“There's a lot of potential in the market that I think that could be tapped into.” Opening Doors In Regina, Pro Metal Industries, owned by Pasqua First Nation, became the first 100% First Nations-owned steel and metal fabrication company in Canada.  Chief Todd Peiganof Pasqua First Nation, found that because of this differentiating factor it has opened doors to procurements… Read More

Location, Location, Location

“It was an oil and gas project that eventually really pulled us together.” Great Clients, Great Location With its Regina location as a distinct advantage, Magna Electric Corp had the opportunity to access a major pipeline project, which ultimately lead to their acquisition by Texas-based Shermco Industries. Shermco exists along with many others as big players in the oil and gas… Read More

Globally Competitive While Environmentally Conscious

“It's a great place. It's a great place to live, and raise your family. It’s the quality of employees and people we have to work with.” A Sense of Loyalty Sean Frisky, President and CEO of Ground Effects Environmental Services, attributes the culture and the people in the province for having influenced the growth of his company in the technology industry. “What we… Read More