Incentives for success

We believe business shouldn’t be over-burdened with tax, but rather business should be given the opportunity to create wealth for everyone.

Provincial tax burden on businesses

“Saskatchewan has the lowest net business tax burden among the provinces according to a Conference Board of Canada report.”
- Regina Leader Post, May 2, 2016

Corporate tax incentives

Saskatchewan offers a refundable 10 per cent tax credit for research and development expenditures.

For manufacturing and processing equipment, there is a 6.8 per cent refundable investment tax credit. In addition, the Manufacturing and Processing Exporter tax incentive provides tax credits for expansion of full-time employees over 2014 baseline.

Corporate tax rates

Provinces and territories have two rates of income tax – a lower rate and a higher rate.

  • Lower rate – The lower rate applies to the income eligible for the federal small business deduction.
  • Higher rate – The higher rate applies to all other income.
Province or territoryLower rateHigher rate
Newfoundland & Labrador3.0%15%
Nova Scotia3.0%16%
Prince Edward Island4.5%16%
New Brunswick4.0%12%


Saskatchewan Commercial Innovation (SCII)

This program will reduce the provincial Corporate Income Tax rate for eligible corporations to six per cent for a period of 10 years—on taxable income earned from the commercialization of a broad range of qualifying types of intellectual property in Saskatchewan.  This includes patents, plant breeders’ rights, trade secrets and copyright (computer programs and algorithms).Eligible corporations will be able to extend the benefit period to 15 years if the majority of the related research and development has been conducted in the province. The SCII is open to any company in the world operating in any sector, regardless of where or when the research and development for the qualifying intellectual property occurred.

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