Invest in opportunity

The City of Regina and the Greater Regina Area are ready and willing to work together to assist with investment, development and growth in the area. Regina’s strategic location, between the east and west coasts, make it an ideal location for business.

Mo Bundon

Senior Vice President & COO
Harvard Developments

To make informed and strategic business decisions, a foundation of knowledge is required. EDR offers businesses and investors free, customized, and confidential services. We will be your biggest fans! We are passionate supporters of business and investment.

  • Site selection
  • Business Intelligence/market research
  • Customized pathfinding to local resources and government
  • Labour market and input pricing support
  • Joint venture assistance
  • Municipal government liaison
  • Advisory services for start-ups

Come and realize why Regina is among the most diversified and stable economies in Canada.

Looking for a federal partner or federal resources, visit Invest in Canada.

Let’s work together to grow Regina.

If you’re ready to talk about investment, contact Business Development Officer, Mike Tate.

Access to millions of consumers

The Greater Regina Area (GRA) has access to over 60 million consumers within one day's drive and over 270 million within two days' drive. It is also the corporate and supply chain centre for oil and gas, mining, and agriculture.

Record population growth

The Regina region grew by 11.8 per cent from 2011 to 2016, making us one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. The Conference Board of Canada predicts that Regina’s population will soon surpass 250,000.

GDP forecast to reach $14.4 billion

The GRA is one of the fastest growing areas in Canada, as new residents attracted by economic, environmental, social, and cultural opportunities move here. The GDP of the Regina CMA is forecast to reach $14.4 billion in 2017. The GRA is a stable, diverse, and growing economy.

Consistency is key

Projections for the regional economy are unanimous: The Greater Regina Area will experience consistent growth of population and gross domestic product in the years ahead. We are one of the most diverse economies in Canada.