Regina’s Economic Year in Review

The GRA’s economy was resilient in 2023. Through the highest overnight interest rate since 2001 to restrained consumer spending, reduced business investment, and rising unemployment nationwide, Regina’s economy remained strong.

State of the Labour Market in the GRA

In this report, Economic Development Regina (EDR) investigates labour market trends, examines key factors and explores potential implications on the GRA’s labour market today and in the future. By analyzing the local workforce, employment…

Saskatchewan’s Annual Megaproject: Spring Seeding

Spring is a crucial season for farmers in Saskatchewan and across Canada. It marks the start of a new crop year, for producers who are tasked with the awesome responsibility of feeding the world. Not surprisingly, Saskatchewan’s annual spring…

EV Batteries and Regina: A Battery City and Leader

All told, Regina is well suited for EV battery production based on key factors from location and workforce to access to minerals and potential for production and development