Using the Site Selector Tool for Business Planning


As an example, let’s imagine we we’re a company looking to open a new brewery in Regina. First, we’ll search for vacant retail properties. Once a property is selected, we can view basic listing information like square footgage, lease amount, utilities, etc.

From here, we can select “Business” to view all businesses within a radius of the potential location. We can see if there are any other breweries nearby, or how many bars or restaurants are in there area to potentially buy our beer.

If we select “Demographics” we can see a breakdown of age, household income, education status and more in the area. We can then compare this to our target customers. If we select “Consumer Expenditures” we can even see how much is spent on alcoholic beverages in stores, bars, or restaurants in order to gauge market demand for our beer. We can zoom out and compare all of this data to the rest of Regina.

These are just a few of the ways EDR’s new Site Selector tool makes business planning faster and easier.