Regina’s economy depends on BC’s ports being fully open and operational

July 19, 2023 

(Regina, SK) It is time to end the disruption at BC’s port. Regina’s economy relies on the movement of goods – in both directions – and the strike, which has now been declared illegal, threatens large and small businesses alike. It also threatens to disrupt Canada’s long, hard fight to bring inflation under control, creating further hardship for businesses, employees, customers, and homeowners. 

In Regina, it’s easy to see and understand impact on major exporting companies like Viterra and AGT Food & Ingredients. These vital, local companies bring Saskatchewan-produced food to the world in a time of global food instability. The strike also risks Canada’s global reputation as a reliable shipper, with timely and predictable access to containerized shipping at a premium – with Saskatchewan’s harvest beginning in a matter of weeks.  

For smaller local businesses like The Rusty Shovel, which rely on the free flow of goods into Regina to do their work, a disruption in that flow has a real and immediate impact. Yesterday, owner @Sean Stefan noted losing a $6,000 sale due to material being stuck at port. This is a real and legitimate concern for thousands of small businesses still struggling to recover from the impact of the pandemic. 

The BC port strike needs to come to an end. The impacts on businesses and real lives here at home and around the world are unacceptable. Alongside political and business leaders from across Saskatchewan, we call for this action to end and for the free flow of goods through BC’s ports.  



Chris Lane
President and Chief Executive Officer
Economic Development Regina



Murad Al-Katib, President & CEO, AGT Food & Ingredients 

“The strike action of the union is further risking our global reputation as a reliable shipper.  Container and intermodal traffic has been disrupted, and we were just recovering from the supply chain disruptions of the covid pandemic. This adds costs to the system in a time where inflation and food inflation are high in the minds of everyone.    

We urge the govt to end this action and impose the settlement.” 


Sean Stefan, Owner, The Rusty Shovel 

“We need the BC port strike to end. The disruption it’s creating is frustrating for us and for our customers. Operating a small business is tough at the best of times, but this added stress is wrong – and avoidable, and it puts businesses like mine in unnecessary danger.” 


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Chris Bonk