EDR offers mentorship program to area entrepreneurs impacted by COVID-19

For Immediate Release

April 28, 2020

(Regina) As part of its ongoing COVID-19 recovery plan, Economic Development Regina Inc. is providing access to mentoring for local entrepreneurs who need guidance making business decisions during these challenging times.

“We’re in the midst of an extremely challenging environment for Regina’s economy, and a key aspect of EDR’s economic recovery plan is to provide businesses with knowledge and information that will help them get to the other side on this pandemic,” EDR Chair Frank Hart said. “We’re excited that Regina’s business community has stepped up to make that happen.”

In response to a significant need for business mentors in this difficult time, EDR is piloting the Audacity Mentorship Program, which connects Regina entrepreneurs with local, purpose-driven leaders to help solve problems and to build and grow businesses – together.

The program’s mentors come from Regina’s Council for Entrepreneurship Growth (CEG), EDR’s Board and other business leaders in the community. Together, they are a group of high-energy, committed entrepreneurs from multiple sectors of Regina’s economy.

“Especially during times like this, it’s important for businesses to come together, share knowledge and support each other” CEG Chair and EDR Board member Jason Drummond said. “Regina’s entrepreneurial community will continue to be vibrant, resourceful and resilient and the council is proud to have this opportunity to share our experience with others.”

As the connector for the program, EDR’s task will be to match entrepreneurs with mentors whose background and experience align with their business interests and challenges.

“EDR is at its best when we’re acting as a catalyst for business – especially in this difficult time,” EDR CEO John Lee said. “By fostering these connections through our Audacity brand, which celebrates Regina’s amazing entrepreneurial spirit, we’re providing an important resource for Regina’s business community, from Regina’s business community.”

“As we begin to pivot from survival to recovery mode, these mentoring relationships will put Regina’s business community in a better position to succeed, and that’s great for all of us,” Lee added.

Entrepreneurs and mentors are invited to visit audacityyqr.ca to learn more about the program.

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