Convenience Meets Culture

In recent years Regina’s downtown core has experienced a full-scale renaissance. New local businesses seem to open every week, adding new energy to a neighborhood already alive with activity.

Downtown Regina boasts diverse offerings for visitors and residents alike. A variety of bars and restaurants call downtown home, with many taking an active role in events like Restaurant Week, which showcases local chefs and flavors.  As is seldom the case in many larger cities, downtown Regina is a true community that thrives on collaboration.

A Stone’s Throw

One of downtown Regina’s greatest strengths is its proximity to amenities throughout the city. The downtown core is only a 10-minute drive from the Regina International Airport, steps from elegant convention hotel properties, and a quick couple minute drive to Evraz place and the University of Regina. With an area encompassing a central park, a library, museums and 7 major hotels everything in downtown Regina is conveniently accessible and easy to navigate.

“In other centers, you may have to take a 45 minutes cab ride to your hotel,” said Judith Veresuk, Executive Director of the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID). “In that same time, we can have your bags picked up and dropped off at your hotel, have you checked into your room, and serve you your first cocktail in that same 45 minutes.”

Downtown Regina itself has also been designed to be dense, making it incredibly easy to get around. All the major hotels located downtown are within a five-minute walk from one another and two minutes from the nearest bar or restaurant. This level of walkability has allowed events like the Regina Farmers’ Market and Regina Folk Fest to flourish in downtown’s central plaza and Victoria Park.

Restaurant Renaissance

The restaurant scene in downtown Regina has exploded from a handful of local staples to array of diverse culinary experiences. From the local pub fare of Victoria’s Tavern, to the high-end flavours of Top Chef Canada winner Dale MacKay’s Avenue Restaurant, these vibrant new dining experiences offer all manner of cuisine.

“We have some long-time business that are the cornerstones of our community, and for a long time they didn’t have any new neighbours,” explained Veresuk. “As time went on and we had more entrepreneurs willing to invest in downtown, we started to see a lot of new restaurants open up. I think that’s a huge story, to see that critical mass and that growth happen so quickly.”

A Tailor-Made Experience

RDBID’s mission is to ensure that when events come to Regina attendees are treated to a tailor-made experience in the form of organized tours, itineraries, and entertainment opportunities that compliment the themes and feel of the event. This level of customization is second to none, and an area RBID prides itself on. Whether a particular event requires a large amount of reserved restaurant space, is in need of volunteer support, or could simply benefit from a local recommendation, RDBID and the downtown community as a whole are always ready and willing to deliver.

“We want to keep business here, so we go over and above,” said Veresuk. “We go that extra mile, to make sure that the experience you have in Regina is a good one.”

One thing is certain: That Regina experience will authentically reflect the renaissance of culture that has come to define downtown Regina.