Adding a New Property to the Site Selection Tool

To add a new property, select the “Add Property” option in the top right-hand corner of the Site Selector Map. Select “Access Request” and fill in your information to request an account. Your request should be approved within 72 hours. Once approved, go to to log in to the admin dashboard.

Select “Add Property”, and fill in the name and address for your new property. The property will automatically be plotted on the map below. Fill in the required fields to specify the property category, size, description, and lease or sale type.

In the next tap, you can edit or add property information like site details, utility rates, nearby transportation, etc. Be sure to add photos of your new property, and any additional documents like floorplans, building reports, ect. Finally, add a video of the new property if one is available.

Your property will be submitted for approval and added to the Site Selector map.