Emerging Opportunities

New major investment in the GRA are being announced all the time. Here are some of the biggest opportunities on the horizon.

Red Leaf Pulp Plant

Red Leaf Pulp Ltd. has chosen Regina as the location of Canada’s first non-wood pulp mill. The facility will turn wheat straw into compostable cellulose pulp for use in packaging, tissue and other paper products.T he $350 million project will provide 250 jobs during the construction phase with 110 full-time jobs (and another 450+ indirect jobs) once the facility begins operation. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022 with production beginning in mid-2023.

New Canola Crushing Plants

With the announcement of multiple crushing facilities in and around the GRA, Regina is poised to be the epicentre of Canada’s canola sector – and home to new value-added opportunities that will create new jobs for Regina residents and new opportunities for Regina businesses

Raven Industries Manufacturing Facility

Raven Industries, Inc. (the Company; NASDAQ:RAVN), the leader in precision agriculture solutions, has announced plans to open a 21,000 square-foot manufacturing facility for the Raven Dot® Power Platform in the Greater Regina Area as the company prepares for substantial growth over the next five years and beyond.

Raven is committed to delivering innovative solutions in agriculture. The new facility, located in Emerald Park, is expected to open this winter and will allow for streamlined testing, manufacturing and distribution of Dot technology which allows producers to complete farm tasks autonomously. It will also support the development of other Raven precision ag products.

 “Regina’s world-class agriculture and technology industries made it a natural choice for Raven’s Canadian Headquarters,” says Wade Robey, Executive Director of Raven Autonomy. “The community’s investment in progressing farming through automation is one of the many reasons Regina is the right location for us.”

Saskatchewan’s agricultural manufacturers have influenced every aspect of primary ag production, from rock removal to seeding, crop protection to harvest and beyond. They’re known around the world for their innovation and quality – and for empowering producers to utilize the best methods and get the best results from the land.

John Lee, Economic Development Regina Inc. (EDR) President and CEO, said Raven Industries joins a growing list of companies looking at locating in the region.

“Agriculture in Regina tends attract businesses from across the supply chain. We expect Raven to have a positive effect on developing Regina’s vision to be a leader in agricultural technology and techniques,” said Lee. “We are excited to welcome Raven and make them part of our growing community.”

Lee was pleased to note that Raven has taken their commitment to community a step further, joining EDR’s Investment Partnership Program. Through the program, which allows companies to invest directly into EDR’s long-term growth strategy, Raven will support ag tech development across Saskatchewan.

“As our Emerald Park operations progress, we are looking forward to the collaboration our team will also have with local entities through the Agriculture and Food Initiative,” Robey added. “The advancements we are implementing on our autonomous offerings, like Dot, will occur years ahead of schedule because of the local support from the Regina community.”

Regina’s manufacturers span across 17 industries, generating $3.3 billion in sales annually and employing more than 6,000 people.

For more information about Raven Autonomy, visit https://ravenprecision.com/autonomy.