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Starting from our First Peoples, this has been a place for growers in every sense of the word. Rooted in the land, we are an agriculture and food powerhouse – with an ever-growing influence and place in the world. Proudly located on Treaty 4 territory, the vitality and culture of the Indigenous peoples whose traditional homelands we all share foster our wîtaskêwin values of living together on the land.

We are a community, deeply connected to each other and to the land. This has always been an important meeting place – a hub for trade and culture. Our spirit and energy make this a place where visitors and residents alike can truly enjoy life.

We grow so much here, but truly what we grow best is people. We are home to passionate “doers” ready to change the world. Here, we don’t boast, we just get on with great things. We’re home to upstart ideas, transformational solutions, game-changing impact, and resilient spirit.

In this vast landscape, visionary citizens have created a United Nations Tree City of the World that cradles a hand-crafted lake. It is a stunning monument to the tenacity and get-it-done attitude that flows through everyone who makes this place their home. We are the ultimate homegrown success story.

We embrace talent from around the globe. We know it enriches our community and makes us all better. We welcome diverse ideas, and we share the opportunities before us.

We have a unique and compelling message. One that appeals to those born here, to those that return here, to newcomers, visitors, and investors.

We are Regina – the place where you can grow your world.

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As the lead agency for economic development agency for the Greater Regina Area (GRA), Economic Development Regina (EDR) sparked this brand initiative to grow awareness of all that our region has to offer.

But the content came from you, our community, through numerous interviews, roundtables and workshops. What we heard, loud and clear, is that Regina needs a collective story that captures our strengths, ambitions, and one-of-a-kind spirit.

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The Communicator’s Playbook: Bringing our Homegrown Brand to Life.

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